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Lachrylic - Sensory Overdub (Update)

The next Rednetic release is currently being manufactured. We are really looking forward to this one. You can grab a listen over on our soundcloud page


No Shipping of CDs for the next couple of weeks

We are off on holiday. We will be shipping CDs once again after April 14th. For now you can still purchase digital.


Sensory Overdub - Lachrylic

Sensory Overdub - Lachrylic

Our next release on Rednetic will be an album by Lachrylic called Sensory Overdub, for more information and previous releases please visit discogs and the Courier Sound label


On the Banks of the Arakawa - First review.

"wonderfully rich and beautiful ambient experience, featuring wonderful whirls and swirls of instrumental bliss"

"'On The Banks Of The Arakawa' wonderfully blends together in brilliant harmony the relaxing nature of ambient composition, with the excitement and character of electronica technique."

"It seems to be a very interesting project that Jospeh Auer has opted for, and one that we can only hope we see more of in the future."


Read the review at


A Day Without Distance - Google Play

You can now also buy A Day Without Distance on Google Play or listen on Spotify

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A Day Without Distance - OUT NOW

You can now Order "A Day Without Distance" now from Rednetic.

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Pre-Order A Day Without Distance now

You can now Pre-Order "A Day Without Distance" now from Rednetic.

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New Zainetica Showcase Mix

Zainetica selects some of his favourites from Rednetic. Look out for some showcases by new Rednetic artists in the future.

Zainetica Presents Rednetic Recordings by Rednetic Recordings on Mixcloud


Fall Down (Featuring Kate Tustain) - Anzio Green

We have a short video for you, a preview clip of the track Fall Down featuring vocals by Kate Tustain.


A Day Without Distance - Anzio Green

Our next release "A Day Without Distance" is by Anzio Green.

Check out their last album here or listen below.

On the Banks of the Arakawa - The Tokyo Isolation Chamber

After that it's a release by The Tokyo Isolation Chamber, a collaboration from Joseph Auer, Kentaro Togawa, Kris Derry, Lee Marshall and Clive Burns.

rn025 cover crop

The Red Series and more

We also have a series of techno albums in the pipeline and will be relaunching the red series of mini CDs.

One Point Three

Finally don't forget you can listen to our latest release - One Point Three on spotify or purchase it from iTunes.

One Point Three promo featuring Aphelion by Forever Sound

One Point Three promo featuring Damask by Wil Bolton

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