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Escaping Dust
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn001
| Released - 17 Feb 2003

The first release from Rednetic Recordings by Zainetica is classic electronica.

The album has many textures; from the nervous, fractured breaks of coded response to the bright, electro-tinged dripfeeder. Tracks such as inhuman resources couple wistful melodies with abstract sound fragments. Elsewhere you will encounter submarine dub, dirty breakbeats and squelchy, agitated electronica.


  • 01 Coded Response
  • 02 Insert
  • 03 Bloc Party
  • 04 Insert
  • 05 Trampotracknoleum
  • 06 Insert
  • 07 Dripfeeder
  • 08 Insert
  • 09 Inhuman Resources
  • 10 Insert
  • 11 Drift Dependency
  • 12 Insert
  • 13 Tell Tale
  • 14 Insert
  • 15 You Can Only Call Them
  • 16 Insert
  • 17 Blanket Denial
  • 18 Insert
  • 19 So Dust Dream
  • 20 Insert
  • 21 Latest Milkfloat Initiative


The Milkfactory

"Reminiscent of Black Dog's Phils or Bolts series, this collection of thirteen beautiful instrumentals is articulated around ten short interludes, all entitled Insert. The connection with both Black Dog and Plaid doesn't stop here, as Escaping Dust feeds on a similar mix of old school techno and blissful melodies."

"The extreme diversity of the electronica scene of today and the deluge of records coming out at any given time makes it more and more difficult for artists to get noticed, but Escaping Dust is definitely one of a kind, as it brings a fresh light onto the very origin of the genre. Described as a prolific musician, one can only expect more good things to come out of the Zainetica lab. 4.4/5"

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"A most excellent first release for this new label. Kind of a missing link between the mid '90's electronic sound and todays popular electronica. Using lush strings, cool analogue sequences and detroit-esque percussion and sounds it keeps an overall melodic flava that sounds a bit old school but remarkably current at the same time. Check this, it's great."


"All the tracks are at once vaguely familiar and yet mildly unsettling. Like the effects of eating a delicious meal only to have the nagging suspicion that you are suffering from a violent reaction to an unknown ingredient..."

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Norman Records

"Heres a new CD on a new label called Rednetic by a new band called Zainetica. Its new sounding squelshy electronic music. With tunes. Fantastic!"


"So, I guess you already realized, that i'm not going to point out any tracks at all. Simply because right now, I have no idea what track is playing. It's just one good flow!"


"The album has many textures; from the nervous, fractured breaks of coded response to the bright, electro-tinged dripfeeder."

Rough Trade

"Smart plaid/black dog-esque popping electronics, fractured yet flowing, blending old school analogue hardware sounds with the latest filters and plug ins. Debut on new london label rednetic."

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