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One Point One
Format - CD Digipak / Digital
| Cat No - rn002
| Released - 19 Jul 2004

A journey into experimental breakbeat electronica and other genre shifting breeds. When you can no longer see, hear or touch the interface, you know your soul is connected. A soul connects to your soul through music. No more, no less. Its all about the soul and the music.

Watch this video for the track Clear Blue Sky by Zainetica.


  • 01 Valley Forge - Ochre
  • 02 Clear Blue Sky - Zainetica
  • 03 Across the Horizon - Joseph Auer
  • 04 Glow Worms - Cheju
  • 05 See All - Zainetica
  • 06 Empathogen - Utility Player
  • 07 Verzoen - Sidechain
  • 08 Lunar Piece - Convurazio
  • 09 Frakture - Tommi Bass V Neytoda
  • 10 Vacume - F.E.A.R
  • 11 Reverse Engineering - Ochre
  • 12 Distraction - Scorn-fury


International DJ Magazine

"I'll let you in on a little secret: this is one of the best selections of experimental breakbeat and electronica to have crossed these ears for a while."

"Exciting and inviting - just what most of us are looking for in such compilations."


"Rednetic is a London-based label that has only put out a few releases so far but, in my opinion, is destined for much bigger things. "

e|i magazine

"One of the next up-and-coming contenders to labels such as Toytronic, Skam and n5MD."

Cyclic Defrost

"A wonderful journey from breaks, an infusion of hip-hop, and skittering time challenging drums."

Read the review at

Knowledge Magazine

"Fledgling label Rednetic, however, specialises in combining the head-scrambling trippiness and emotive melodies that the best of electronica offers with elements of breakbeat, dub and drum & bass. Try it - yer might like it. RECOMMENDED"

DJ Magazine

"Fine examples of binary beauty."

Update magazine

"Very fine showcase of switch trips and sonic booms."

The Milkfactory

"A flawless collection of stunning electronica."

Read the review at

Intuitive Music

"Rednetic has been releasing some of the best Electronica and Experimental stuff in the city since 2002."


"Worth looking out for in the future on the strength of their showing here."

Read the review at

Untitled music

"Rewards from this album are well worth your time and effort. An album well worth seeking out."

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