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Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn014
| Released - 29 Oct 2007

Cinematic ambient textures, burst forth from bubbling vintage synths. Creating a sense of stillness and calm while simultaneously bringing forth subtle surprises and moments of delicate beauty.

An atmospheric peaceful journey with bursts of percussive structure that finally form into beats in the last composition, a tonal flower slowly opening to reveal its stamen and rich petals. The music of Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel pursues a beautiful, warm and universal melody.


  • 01 Fizzle
  • 02 Bloom
  • 03 Calm
  • 04 Twisted
  • 05 Signals
  • 06 Nord



"blinding fluorescent tones blossom and gentle rhythm patterns bubble"

"Bloom is as pretty as the flower gracing the EP's cover."

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The Milk Factory

"Creating wonderfully lush and rich soundscapes, and wrapping them around gentle melodies"

"While the vast landscapes of Bloom may be shrouded in hazy sonic drapes, Tomohiro creates here a rather evocative series of beautiful and luxuriant electronic pieces."

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"another excellent addition to the catalogue and ranks as quite possibly the most mellow release to date"

"A really great release and one I'd have no difficulty in recommending most highly."

Losing Today

"The six beautifully frail suites that make up the 'Bloom' set appear like some dreamscape envisaged and conceived for some hitherto futuristic voyage through a micro universe."

"Absolutely recommended without question."

Cyclic Defrost

"Bloom proves to be something of a subtle pleasure that grows with repeated listens."

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